Flopping Fun at a Multi-Day Company Event

The organizers of the Farm Credit of New Mexico’s Employee Summer Meeting wanted something to lighten the heavier topics they needed to address during the multi-day gathering. They originally contacted us interested in a performance for the first evening which they booked. But when we also explained how Flop Ball energizers spread throughout the two days could enhance the event, they were intrigued.

Before even being officially introduced, Flop Balls on tables attracted interest and created buzz. We saw people holding, rubbing, and moving them from hand to hand during other presentations. After lunch, the first energizer got everyone up and shaking off that need for a nap. During our clapping challenge, impressive skills were on display by several staff with one ultimately being able to successfully clap seven times while tossing a Flop Ball!

On the second day, we kicked off the morning with an energizer focused on connection. We had the group mix it up and find partners in different parts of the room and pass Flop Balls. Then we upped the challenge by making the passing pattern a little more complex. It got their brains working and blood flowing in the morning. And there was lots of laughter, too.

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