Flop Show Connects College Students

It’s been a tough two years for college students. Especially for the students at the University of St. Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut. The school went fully co-ed in 2018. Then Covid hit. The resulting precautions necessary to protect students slowed down their ability to build a unified sense of community.

Last fall, Jay Henderson, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, and a few students came by our booth at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities conference and played with Flop Balls. They knew this could be the community building tool they needed.

In the beginning of February, we visited their campus. Paul led students through an introduction to basic skills and then facilitated a number of Flop Games. Students laughed and cheered as they worked individually and in pairs to accomplish new challenges. 

And they all left with a Flop Ball to continue practicing these skills, challenging each other, and building community long after we left.

Learn more about Flop Games and how to bring them to your campus at FlowCircus.com/flopgames