Flop Kits Now Available for Schools, Libraries, and After School Programs

During the 2018-19 school year, we had a number of classrooms using flop balls which you can read more about here. Based on that feedback and interest from our partners at schools, libraries, and afterschool programs, we've developed Flop Kits. These new kits contain 36 flop balls in two sturdy drawstring bags. Also included are 2 sets of flop decks with tricks and games so players can be set up in stations or work in teams.

To support the educator, the kit comes with a USB drive with images of each of the cards in the flop deck so they can be projected if the whole group is working on a trick at the same time, animations of the cards, instructional videos, and additional resources. It also includes a guide with suggested activities, coaching suggestions, and strategies for helping learners work through frustration of dropping so they're willing to pick it up and try again.

Why flop? Flop balls promote active mindfulness, spark creativity, build resilience, and engage the body (even with limited space). I can continue to talk about the benefits of the flop ball, but why don't we listen to a teacher that's used them:

"The beauty of the Flop Balls is that there are SO many different ways to interact with them. The kids found all kinds of creative ways to play with them and challenged each other to try the new tricks they'd invented.

Flop Balls offered my students an opportunity to push themselves and work toward success in a very tangible and engaging way. The failures weren't seen as a big deal, like with some other failures that can happen at school - especially the public ones. The opportunity to share something cool that you are good at is so empowering. Imagine those students who may not feel success with much of the academic stuff, but have strong kinesthetic abilities. What a great way for them to shine!

I'm so grateful to have Flop Balls in my classroom and love seeing the excitement of my students as they build success. If you're looking for a way to help your students grow in their creativity, perseverance, growth mindset, collaboration, confidence, and hand-eye coordination, get yourself some Flop Balls and get them flopping!"

Erin Gannon, 2nd Grade Teacher Hilburn Academy

Contact dawn@flowcircus.com if you have any questions or purchase a kit today.