Flop Games - Showcasing at APCA & Touring Colleges

Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a nationally touring comedy juggler and teacher of the juggling arts, Paul has created a unique, interactive experience for college audiences - Flop Games. On-stage and off, students are challenged to flip, flounder, and flop their way to triumph. 

Students leave the Flop Games show more refreshed, connected, and with a new tool for taking study breaks. That's right, everyone takes home a Flop Ball.

We’re debuting Flop Games at APCA - Association for Promotion of Campus Activities Fall Planning Conferences in Chicago and Orlando this month. In addition to showcasing Flop Games at APCA, we’re also conducting Ed Sessions “Permission to Play: Battling Burnout and Exhaustion Old School” and “Strong Leaders Know How to Flop.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Flop Games or our experiential workshops for your students, visit FlowCircus.com/APCA