Flop Balls Support Mental Health On Campus

College looks a lot different for students this fall. If they are on-campus, their in-class time and social activity is limited. As this article states, “Several recent surveys of students suggest their mental well-being has been devastated by the pandemic’s social and economic consequences, as well as the continued uncertainty about their college education and postcollege careers.”

The team at Roger Williams University has responded to meet student needs. Adrienne Harris, Associate Director of Student Programs, Leadership, & Orientation and her team understood that flop balls could play a role in engaging students in conversations about mindfulness and well-being. So they passed flop balls out as part of the campus “Rest Stop” Mental Health Week program. Then we conducted two drop-in virtual workshops for students one evening during that same week to introduce basic tricks and share our Flop-osophy.

We encouraged students to continue using the flop balls as a brain and body break while studying or sitting through on-line classes. And more importantly, to use it as a tool for checking in with themselves. Because awareness of mindset and how we’re physically feeling gives us the power to make adjustments and get support if needed.

Students have been sighted playing with flop balls on-campus since our workshop. Positive impact one flop at a time.