Flop Balls Now at Learning Express Toys & Gifts

Flop Balls have landed in brick and mortar stores. We’re excited to announce that they are on the shelves at the Learning Express in Cary, NC and soon to be in their other locations in the Raleigh area. We did an in-store demo for shoppers and staff this past weekend. The response was enthusiastic to say the least. By the end of our visit, we had staff that had mastered the chop flip, could flip stacks of 6, and pass Flop Balls halfway across the store. 

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Learning Express. Originally founded in 1987, the store originated from a mom having a fundraiser idea for her children’s school. Sharon DiMinico saw the need for a store that would offer high quality toys, books, and games for children all the way through their pre-teen years, and she delivered. She then developed it into a franchising model because she wanted to give other families the same satisfaction that she had felt as her own boss. Today they are the largest family of specialty toy stores in the US. 

If you’re not in the Raleigh area, hopefully they’ll be coming to a Learning Express near you soon. Until then, you can find always them at FlopBall.com