Energizing the CAI HR Management Conference

Last month, Flow Circus returned to the CAI Human Resource Management Conference in a big way - with flop balls, of course! Day 2 started with a custom CAI branded flop ball on every seat and Paul kicking off the morning with an energetic demo for the whole group. The organizers of the event smartly scheduled our breakout session "Don't Sweat the Flops" for after lunch. There's nothing that can challenge post-meal sleepiness on the second day of a conference like our interactive session. As Colleen Cunningham, conference organizer and VP of Learning Services at CAI, observed, "Your session was a great energy boost, something unique and the folks in your break out session truly loved it! Always great to work with you---I appreciate your professionalism and great communication."

Throughout the course of the day, we also had an invigoration station set up to engage attendees in between sessions with a refreshing mental and physical break. In addition to a variety of skill toys, we ran a flop ball stack flipping contest. Many people came back to the table several times to see if they still held the record or needed to up their game. The record setter for the day with a total of 7 flop balls successfully flipped at once was Kara Norris, Senior Human Resources Technician, City of Rocky Mount. She won a set of six additional flop balls. When I contacted her to let her know she won, she replied "My team and I are so addicted to flopping! We took time yesterday to flop and we'll be taking another flop break this afternoon at 4pm! The set of 6 flop balls will definitely come in handy for our flop sessions! I'm ready to get them so I can try to beat my record! We enjoyed meeting y'all and stopping by to see you throughout the day. We definitely enjoyed your breakout session. It was a lot of fun and a lot of good information!"

We love to hear that our impact lasted well beyond the event.