Growth & Potential Photoplay

For years, I told myself that I lacked a green thumb. Keeping a cactus alive signified big achievement. I have been known to under water, over prune, and generally neglect plant life in my care. The only plant that seems to like me is poison ivy! I originally chose this Dr. Seuss quote from the Lorax referring to a seed and literal growth because it also captures the unlimited potential of having a growth mindset. But now it's making me realize that I've always approached gardening and plants all wrong because I've had a fixed mindset.

Believing that people are either born with or without green thumbs implies that it can't be learned. If I hold on to that belief, I will stay stuck and never move beyond the seed stage of "what it is." In contrast, staying open to the possibility of my own growth and finding resources to support it, I "can become" a person with a thumb whatever shade of green I want! It may take me a little longer than the next person or I may need to look harder to find the types of instruction that work best for me, but if I put energy into it I can do this.

Maybe I'll start with something easy like another cactus. I have managed to keep a poinsettia alive since December - yay me!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thank you for once again inspiring