Demo for HR Leaders

The pandemic has put the job of the Human Resources professional on fast forward these last few months. As you look to the transitions ahead, we’d love to share with you how we could help you to respond, recover, and thrive.

So next month, we’ll be offering a free 15 minute demonstration specifically designed for HR professionals. We’ll introduce you to flop balls - a tool that helps energize meetings, connect employees, and engage audiences with messaging around mindset and well-being.   

Join us on August 11th at noon or August 12th at 4pm. 

It’s only 15 minutes, you’ll be on with other HR professionals, & we’ll send you flop balls to keep. So really there’s nothing to lose! 

We know you’re probably zoomed out, but this won’t be your typical screen off, five browsers open, and only half-listening type experience. You will be moving and engaging with one of the flop balls we send ahead of time. We’re limiting the number of attendees. Register here by July 31st if you’re interested.