Creative Process Photoplay

What have you done today for the sheer joy of doing without concern for results?

I've been fortunate enough to hear author Elizabeth Gilbert speak at a few events. She also has two powerful TED talks about creativity and facing both success and failure. After what she called "the freakish success" of her book, Eat Pray, Love, she faced the daunting task of writing another book knowing that her biggest success might be behind her. Her solution was to focus back on her love of writing and her love of the process while letting go of expectations for the end result.

I discovered this chalk drawing one day walking through a park. It seemed a perfect image for this quote because any time I pick up a piece of sidewalk chalk and start drawing, I get lost in the process. The result won't last - mother nature takes care of that. So I can't help but have fun laying down color, creating images, and just feeling the chalk in my hands. I also love that this figure's hand is almost as big as her head. For me, doing something with my hands often helps me to quiet my analytical, results-focused head and just enjoy the process.