Corporate Health Promotion

Last month we traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to kick off a day-long training for a team of 150 wellness ambassadors gathering together from across the state. The employees that volunteer for this program share a passion for wellness and serve as a point person for promoting wellness in their organization. This year, returning and new ambassadors alike were introduced to the flop ball. 

We kicked off the morning with an interactive keynote to break the ice and set a tone of learning and collaboration for the day. After basic instruction, participants tried basic moves for themselves and then practiced relying on partners to accomplish challenges we set. These activities allowed them to embody our F-L-O-P framework - strategies for thriving in the messiness of learning, growth, and change. 

Additionally, each person received a Flop Kit that consisted of customized flop balls (pictured here) and programming resources so that they can take these tools back to their site to promote their organization's wellness goals and make them more visible. To support these ambassadors in sustaining flop programming, we have scheduled a number of follow up webinars to ensure participants get the absolute most out of their Flop Kit resources.

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