Connecting Multiple Generations of a Family Owned Company

What happens when you bring together multiple generations of a family owned company? Inter-generational play & engagement if we're involved, of course. Our interactive keynote got the group connecting & growing - together. The client asked us to focus on themes affecting the multi-generational group that ranged in age from 21-93 years old such as honoring and appreciating the way things have been done that led to the company's growth while staying open to new ideas.

Our session provided the experience of getting to see each other in a new way (playing with flop balls). Our mindful play and learning strategies also provided a perfect framework for thoughtful collaboration between different generations of family members. Below our contact reflects on the event:

"Paul and Dawn were lovely and did an amazing job at our Annual Meeting. They were prompt, professional, delivered an educational and fun presentation, and were well received by our audience. Paul and Dawn were able to personalize their FLOP Ball presentation to the specific themes we wanted to introduce our group to and the flop balls themselves were a fun and versatile “prop” to drive the presentation home. Our group really loved having the balls to take home and play with!" - Caroline Hamilton, Communications Coordinator, Comporium, Inc.

As you can see in this image of us, we had fun, too.