College Wellness and Health Promotion

Now that it's July, college wellness and health promotion professionals are busy planning for the 2019-20 school year. We want to send them a reminder to pause and take care of their own well-being while planning for the students. Inspired by this quote, we designed a limited set of flop balls (pictured below) to remind people to pause and play. If you work on a college campus, complete this form by July 15th and we’ll send you a free flop ball to try (while supplies last).

What’s a flop ball? It’s a flat bean bag filled with sand that you play with the back of your hand. Great for individual play opening up conversations about learning, failure, and growth mindset. Flop balls are also adaptable to partner and group play for building connections and trust. Engaging people in physical play encourages barriers to come down and greater openness to your message. Flop balls can be customized so students will be reminded of your message every time they pick it up to play. See the image below to get a sense of how other colleges have designed flop balls.

Flow Circus trainings are available to introduce your staff and student ambassadors to flop balls and other skill toys as tools to create innovative and engaging programming. Don’t take our word for it...

"Flow Circus has become an innovative wellness experience that helps us facilitate mindfulness while incorporating wellness promotion messaging. During tabling and workshops, the uniqueness of the skill toys keeps students engaged and offers a quick break from their busy schedules. Through Flow Circus, we are able to reinforce the importance of taking time for self care while decreasing stress and anxiety." Justin Sharpe, Associate Director, DuWell, Duke University 

Act now to get your hands on a flop ball of your own so you can practice new skills this summer. Or contact if you'd like to schedule a call to learn more about how flop balls can help support your programming goals for the upcoming school year.