Celebrating #Floptober

Never heard of it, you say? Well, that's because we made it up! We want to bring attention to the fact that in order to have the flow of creativity and achievement, messiness and failure will happen. You have to flop in order to flow.

That doesn't mean we can't have fun with it though. So, we've created a special edition flop ball in honor of floptober and are launching a social media campaign to share the flops of learning new skills and engaging in creative work whatever form it takes. We're encouraging people including you to share your story so we can all get more comfortable accepting it as part of the process.

If you have a flop ball, flop with friends, students, colleagues, or challenge yourself with new solo tricks. Maybe instead, you're practicing cooking, singing, dancing, making your child's Halloween costume...it really doesn't matter, give yourself permission to flop. Tell us what you're working on, take a picture or video of your efforts, and share it with #floptober. And most importantly, remember to have fun.

Happy Flopping!