Celebrating and Connecting the Team

We've partnered with the USO-NC for the last four years to help develop their Warrior and Family Reset programs which help build resilience for troops and their families. This is work we've been honored to be a part of and look forward to each year. It turns out, we've only seen a small slice of what the organization does and worked with a few of the staff. We recently met the rest of the team during their end-of-year staff training and introduced them to the flop ball.

The USO-NC team has seen a lot of transition in the last 6 months. Change in leadership, filling of open positions, and growth of staff meant lots of new faces, unfamiliarity, and needing to regroup. Their staff is spread out across the state, but came together for a 2 day retreat. They brought us in to do a workshop at the end of the first day of sitting to add a burst of new energy and create connections between the new staff members.

In addition to individual and group challenges, we introduced the team to a framework for approaching the messiness of change more mindfully in order to improve performance and well-being. One of our strategies involves celebrating successes which this team fully embraced with lots of high fives and an amazing positive energy that filled the room.

We look forward to continuing our work with the USO-NC Reset programs in 2020 and have a feeling that this staff will keep flopping together.