Campfire Conference - The Greatest Show

Lots of conferences have themes. And the planning committee for the YMCA Campfire Conference always takes theme integration to a whole other level which is why we love returning to Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC each year. 

This year’s theme of The Greatest Show fit us perfectly. The committee asked us to set up an engagement station to welcome people after they registered. They learned how to use their custom branded Greatest Show Flop Ball as well as spinning plates, kendama, and other skill toys from around the world. While playing, they got to interact with attendees from other camps setting a fun tone for the conference right from the start.

The next morning, Paul led the whole group in a Flop Games energizer before the opening keynote. Stack flipping, ring flinging, and a clapping contest gave everyone new skills and more energy to start the day. 

Of course, the circus isn’t all fun and games. During a breakout session that we led titled Strengthening SEL and Self-Literacy at Camp, we used Flop Balls to model how camps can pair physical skill development with social and emotional learning. As one of the survey respondents wrote:

“I can’t wait to take this back to my camp and year round before and after school programs!” 

Thanks to the committee for picking such a fun theme. We can’t wait to see what you create for attendees next year and how we can help enhance the experience.

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