Camp 4U Presenters Again - Virtually Speaking

“Third time’s the charm” they say. But what happens when the first two times went great? Next month, we kick off Camp 4U with our virtual session “Turn Up the Skill Level and Turn Down the Stress.” Camp 4U provides camp training for frontline and mid-level staff from across the South East. 

When we participated in Camp 4U the first two times, we did a keynote and a breakout session on one day with everyone at the same location. Lots of fun, active energy. But last year they obviously had to go virtual and decided to do short sessions over several days. Not only did that format work, it extended their reach to camps in other regions. 

So this May, it’s virtual again. Jason LeVasseur, creative director of The Rock Star Project will be the emcee/host throughout the event. We’re excited to present on May 3rd and then return for the Closing Campfire on May 17th. We’ll make it our best Camp 4U yet!

If you work at a camp, you can learn more about the event and how to register yourself and your staff here