Back in Person with USO-NC

Smiles. Energy. Connection. Thirty military families came together for the USO-NC’s Family Reset program - a weekend of workshops to help better cope with the pressures and challenges associated with their unique lifestyle. One that’s endured even more pressure this past year and a half.

When everything shut down in 2020, the USO-NC didn’t stop providing programming to families. They reached out to us and several of their other providers to create video programming. We also offered live virtual family flop ball workshops. Smiles filled the screen as families flopped together from their homes.

But that pales in comparison to the energy, excitement, and relief that we felt from families to finally get to be in the same room together. And play. Of course, our workshops look a little different from what we did prior to Covid. From wearing masks to presetting supplies on tables to moving around the room less, modifications have been made. But that doesn’t dampen the energy.

Families put down their phones and passed Flop Balls to each other in fun patterns. Parents and kids both took time creating their own unique designs for DIY toys. And most importantly, families laughed and connected with each other again.