Adding Engagement to Inspire HR

Originally scheduled to deliver an interactive keynote in person at the Employers Association of the NorthEast’s spring conference, our plans changed with the onset of Covid. The event eventually shifted to the fall and onto zoom. As we talked to the organizers, we shared that our session could easily work as one unified 60-minute session or as several modular segments spread out over their 2 day conference. 

The Inspire HR Conference brought together HR professionals from across New England that had been through a tough year. Dealing with the brunt of having to help teams get set up remotely, answering questions about medical leave, having to furlough or lay off co-workers...the list of stress points goes on. The event organizers opted to integrate us into both days to give participants opportunities for movement, play and stress relief they so needed.

Mission accomplished according to Alison Ebner, Membership Relations Director at EANE:

“We really appreciated the opportunity to work with you both for this conference. Your flexibility and adaptability with your program helped us achieve our goal of giving people the opportunity to relax, smile and take a fun stretch break throughout the conference days! We saw so many smiles on the zoom screens over those 2 days – and that was definitely our goal! You were a big part of that successful mission!” 

Contact if you’d like to explore having Flow Circus create this atmosphere for your next event.