Nonsense & Wisdom Photoplay

Where can you find time for a little nonsense today?

Roald Dahl's quote jumped out at me for several reasons. At Flow Circus, we are obviously big proponents of play and general silliness to replenish mind and body. Whether it's getting a group of adults engaged in a spinning plate contest during a workshop or getting our family playing badminton or flying paper airplanes, we love when people forget to be adults for a few moments and remember what it's like to be a kid.

Dahl brought us the beloved character Willy Wonka. Paul and I both grew up watching the 1971 movie version of Dahl's story with Willy Wonka played by comic Gene Wilder. We should all aspire to have the same twinkle in our eyes!

I took this picture at a park near our house. We left our smart phones at home bringing some skill toys and my camera  to enjoy some play time of our own. Not sure who had the idea to try to get the top spinning on the hydrant, but why not? The slightly askew angle represents the playful mindset shift I had experienced by the end of our outing.