A Day Away Photoplay

I recently heard the rebroadcast of an interview with Maya Angelou. Her rich, soothing voice told heartbreaking yet inspiring stories. I wanted to find a quote of hers to use and this one just jumped out at me. I love and ascribe to this idea that we need to regularly disconnect, unplug, and just play in order to replenish ourselves.

The photo comes from one of my favorite places to play - the beach. I took a walk with my camera one October afternoon while visiting Ship Bottom, New Jersey. I love the off-season when the normally busy streets and beaches exude calm and quiet. It's almost as if the area has to replenish itself, too. As I walked along the bay side of the island at sunset, I came upon this boat named "Namaste." Having done yoga for years, this word usually said at the end of class with a slight bow perfectly captured the calm I felt in that moment.

Hope this inspires you to find a Namaste moment in your day free from problems and the busyness of life.