5 Locations + 1 Goal = Connection

Library systems with multiple branches can sometimes have a hard time getting staff connected and working together as a team. Limited hours, split schedules, and turnover due to the pandemic this past year made it even more challenging. The leadership at Worcester County Library in Maryland asked us to help.

In April for over 50 staff, it needed to be virtual. They liked that it would be fun and physical even though it was virtual. And that the Flop Balls created a common ground - no one came with any prior experience. In addition to our individual skill building exercises, we used the breakout rooms at a few points for fun group activities.

It had the desired impact that day and since, as one survey respondent wrote:

"It was fun to laugh with coworkers, especially ones I don't work with directly on a regular basis. I have already found myself playing with the flop ball a few times since the training. It makes for a great mental break and mood booster." Betsy Gravenor-Stacey, Branch Manager, Worcester County Library, MD

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