Play Breaks

Look at what I can do!

Create a buzz at your next conference or special event that people will be thinking, talking, and tweeting about for weeks. Juggling and other skill toys make tangible the playful learning and networking space that you want to create. From five-star ballrooms to outdoor retreat centers, our programs adapt to a variety of venues, audience sizes, and schedules.


Encourage conference attendees to put down their phones and play. Reinvigorate minds, recharge bodies, and foster personal connections between sessions, after lunch, or during receptions with our unique tools. We bring a table full of colorful skill toys, offer basic instruction, and attendees take care of the rest. Expect an atmosphere of laughter, spontaneous celebrations, and informal networking.


Looking for a short activity to get your group up-and-moving during a long day of meetings? Or maybe you need to create a playful atmosphere for brainstorming or strategic planning sessions. We take groups through activities that fill the room with playful mindsets and palpable energy.