You Came. You saw. You Flopped. Now What?

You want to get everyone else flopping, too - don’t you? Because you get it. They feel awesome and you don’t want to put it down. So how do you share your new love with your campus?

Paul with volunteer

Flop Games: A Comedy Juggling Show that Combines Cornhole, Wipeout, & Circus

On-stage and off, students are challenged to flip, flounder, and flop their way to triumph. They discover a new way to hang out and play as host and play master Paul Miller introduces them to the Flop Ball - a soft round, sand filled sack that is played with on the back of the hand.

Basic games at their seats in the audience, advanced competitions on-stage, and skills they can keep practicing all combine for a one-of-a-kind experience during and long after the event.  

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Permission to Play: Focus on Well-Being

Projects due, papers to write, and soon finals. Add a few extracurriculars, ever-changing pandemic protocols, and it all adds up to one thing...burnout. It’s time to shake off that exhaustion and play.

Let me guess - no time? More serious things on the top of your to-do list? Maybe on some level the idea of play makes you a little uncomfortable? If any of the above describes you - you need this workshop.

We’ll introduce you to a new tool for playing - the Flop Ball. Not for a grade or to impress anyone, but to get moving for the fun of it. Refocus your mind, energize your body, re-ignite your spirit, and connect with other students while practicing and competing in individual, partner, and group challenges.

Participants will get a Flop Ball to support brain and body breaks and mindfulness strategies to enhance well-being throughout the year.

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Young people flopping.

Flop-osophy 101: A Leadership Workshop

It won't be perfect the first time. Or the second. This interactive workshop challenges you to have fun failing and provides you with strategies to grow from it.

Tossing and flipping Flop Balls on the back of your hand may sound simple - but simple isn’t always easy. And we challenge you to continually increase the difficulty level for yourself  - resulting in flops.

As you progress through the exercises, we weave in strategies to increase self-awareness and mindfulness that will benefit you as a leader.

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4 up custom college flop ball SWAG

Custom Flop Balls: Interactive SWAG

Customized with your choice of color and screen printed design on one side. This is the most engaging and fun give away item for your next tabling event or spring fling. Orders take 8-10 weeks to complete and fulfill. First come, first served. Begin your order today to secure your place in line.

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Custom Flop Ball Pricing

100-249 Flop Balls......$3.50 ea.
250-499 Flop Balls......$3.25 ea.
500-999 Flop Balls......$3.15 ea.
1000+ Flop Balls.........$3.00 ea.
+ shipping ($20/150 FlopBalls)

Share the Flopping Fun with your Friends and Family:


Stackers in Bag green Flopables

Challenge yourself to flip a stack of 3, 4, or more. Flip a stack of 8 and you've proven you've got skill.

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Red Flop Loop Flopable

Flop Loops, lines, and Flower Flops provide all sorts of interesting ways to flip, spin, swing, and roll.

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Stress Less Pack

Flop Ball Wellness Well-being Pack

One Flop Ball for each day of the school week. Each reminding you to make your well-being a priority.

Well-Being Pack
"Thank you again for such a great interactive session with our students. The whole session flowed so well and I could see over a short period of time how our students were resonating with the activities. Well done!  I wouldn't change anything."

Nance Lucas, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University

"FLOP balls have been sighted in the classrooms and conference rooms! Students who missed the session have come to claim their FLOP balls. And my first pass through the reflections revealed some deep learning took place. Thank you for delivering a great program."

Sarah Egan Warren, Technical Communication Specialist, NC State Institute for Advanced Analytics

Flow Circus has become an innovative wellness experience that helps us facilitate mindfulness while incorporating wellness promotion messaging. Flop Balls offer a quick break from busy schedules. Through Flow Circus, we are able to reinforce the importance of taking time for self care while decreasing stress and anxiety."

Justin Sharpe, Associate Director DuWell, Duke University Wellness