Family Flop 2020

Can’t get together with family and friends this holiday season? Not sure how to make that upcoming family video call fun for all ages?

Flop balls create connection and fun making virtual gatherings feel playfully distant.
Imagine Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Aunt Sue, and all of the cousins all learning a simple, accessible, yet challenging new skill together. Flopping! 

Flop balls are 3” bean bags filled with sand that have players use the back of their hands turning the whole experience of tossing and catching upside down. 

With cameras on, you get to laugh and play (and drop!) alongside each other. We provide the family coordinator with game suggestions to add both creative and competitive challenges.

You send us names, addresses, and a gift note to include & we take care of everything else.

The play continues long after the holidays and family connections continue to deepen as you share what tricks you’re learning and challenge each other to grow.

2 Flow Circus Flop Balls, Flop Deck & shipping: $15/address
6 Flow Circus Flop Balls with Bag, Flop Deck, shipping: $25/address

Fill out this form to get ready to get Flopping!