Our Approach

Teaching, performing, and researching trends in positive psychology, neuroscience, and education have taught us:

Our Flop-osophy

Life is a constant sequence of trying, failing, and trying again. Our Flop-osophy creates a structure to make this reality more comfortable and is the foundation of all our experiences and product design.


Free Your Mind

Increase awareness of mindset.


Lessen the pressure

Shift focus away from getting it "perfect" and instead gain clarity about the steps in the process.


Observe, don’t judge

Practice curiosity to look for facts and compassion to limit the negative stories we tell ourselves.


Play with variables

Have fun trying different approaches and then take time reflecting on the outcomes.

These Flop-osophy strategies enable people to get out of their own way and achieve big goals like hitting sales targets, voicing new product ideas, and creating cohesion with their team.

Our in-house designed Flop Balls are the perfect tools to put the Flop-osophy into action. Used in conjunction with our trainings, team buildings, keynotes, and energizers, Flop Balls provide a tangible way for participants to embody new learning and become resilient. And, they can be customized with your company’s logo or colors to improve the session’s impact and help the new skills stick.

“Our team used Flow Circus for a team retreat to help us connect on common goals and work on our communication skills. Through teaching us a new skill, we were able to learn more about ourselves and how we work independently and together. Learning a new skill, especially something that requires coordination, really levels the playing field with teams and puts everyone in a more vulnerable place where everyone has to listen, respect the learning process, and learn from each other. The Flow Circus facilitators then use skill-building as a way to get us all into a growth mindset, where failure is anticipated and supported. Ultimately this exercise helped us prepare for a significant strategy meeting for the end of the year and we would highly recommend them to any team who is looking to realign on their goals or re-connect as a team.”

Jessica Porta, Director, HQ Raleigh

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