Build connection and improve student well-being through experiential programming and play.

It’s been a challenging few years and the impact on our students’ ability to connect and build resilience has been significant. Creating a space where they want to show up, try something new, and learn from their drops is more important than ever. We can help.

Professional Development

Professional Development Program for Duke University's DUWell Program

Shift mindsets and don’t sweat the flops as staff learn a new skill together and practice strategies for thriving in uncertainty.

Flop Kits

Classroom Flop Ball Kit

Perfect size for your classroom. Includes a USB with activities and resources to get you started. Great for classrooms and counselors.

Custom Flop Balls

Celebrate your school community with your choice of colors and logo. Great for incentive programs or to boost school spirit. 

Custom Flop Ball Pricing

100-249 Flop Balls......$3.50 ea.
250-499 Flop Balls......$3.25 ea.
500-999 Flop Balls......$3.15 ea.
1000+ Flop Balls.........$3.00 ea.
+ shipping ($20/150 FlopBalls)

Coming Soon: PowerSkills Training

Get ready to have an interactive program that you can implement in 15 minutes a day. Students engage in learning a kinetic skill integrated with self-awareness, mindfulness, and creativity. Empowered to try new things, fail, and try again -- they will be unfloppable.

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“It was a pleasure to have FLOW CIRCUS on our campus. It was an educational and engaging experience that helped our teacher candidates truly embrace social learning. The guidance and support offered by Paul and Dawn provided structured dialogue for student teachers to think critically about their craft.”

Ann Martinelli, Associate Teaching Professor, Elementary & Early Childhood Education Program Chair, Penn State Abington