Events with Lasting Impact

Whether you’re bringing your global sales team together or exhibiting at an industry trade show, events are a huge investment of time and money. We can help you shore up the potential weak links and create momentum to support your event objectives, giving you the peace of mind to know you’ve thought of everything.

Audience Energizers

Kickstart the morning, pick folks up after lunch, and reset the mood of the room between presenters, in-person and virtually, with our energizers. We help fight conference fatigue by engaging audience members from their seats in a simple, accessible way that gets them laughing, moving, and learning. Energizers run 10-30 minutes each, build on the themes of the event, and can be utilized just once or multiple times. 

Informal Networking

Create space during breaks and in-between sessions for accessible, fun, and effortless networking. Our invigoration stations break the ice by giving attendees a common challenge and goal, generating lots of laughs and high fives along the way. Flop Balls and other skill toys make it easy for event attendees to engage with others and build lasting relationships. 

Insurance for Speaker No-Shows

It’s every event planner’s nightmare scenario – whether it's a canceled flight or a health emergency, sometimes a speaker or presenter won't make the event. Be prepared to keep your program flowing without a hitch. Our keynote requires minimal setup and can merge into your agenda at a moment’s notice. We take the stage and deliver meaningful content on mindfulness and well-being in our interactive, playful style, amplifying conference themes and creating the right energy level. 

Lasting Impact

Brand your event and reinforce the theme with custom Flop Balls. In addition to putting your message in every participants’ hands, custom Flop Balls keep the learning going after the event as attendees play with them at their desks and share them with colleagues. Custom Flop Balls also provide a high-profile sponsorship opportunity.

“Your session was a great energy boost, something unique and the folks in your break out session truly loved it! Always great to work with you---I appreciate your professionalism and great communication.“

Colleen Cunningham, Conference Organizer and VP of Learning Services at CAI

“We had Flow Circus come to our company wide annual meeting to give us renewed motivation as we were headed into the new year.  In addition, we had asked them to focus on team building and open communication skills.  They had great energy and were super engaging and encouraging throughout the presentation. It was a fun presentation and totally unexpected!  The entire workshop was well executed and highly engaging. Their energy was contagious and started the day on a really positive note. We left the experience with lots of snippets to carry with us day-to-day, both professionally and personally.  We highly recommend Flow Circus for any corporate event that could some energy and spunk!”

Tina Cochrane, VP Client Development, HireNetworks

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