Increase your Event ROI

Events are a large investment, both in money and time. Conference speakers alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We can help you set your event up for success by creating the right energy level to keep participants engaged and receptive to the speaker’s message.

From sales conferences to association meetings to industry gatherings, Flow Circus adds crucial energy to create a learning environment. Bring us on stage first to raise the energy level and create focus, priming the audience to hear the speaker’s message. Or, position us outside the conference room during breaks to reinforce event themes and create the optimal energy level. Our unique energizers – adaptable to any venue, audience size, and schedule – leave attendees receptive, focused, and ready to learn. These sessions also work well to change the energy between speakers, or to get the focus back after a meal or break.  

Energizers serve as ice breakers, increase the comfort level between attendees, and create informal networking opportunities throughout the event. You’ve made the investment to bring your team or peers together, now make it count! 

“Flow Circus provided our conference attendees with an opportunity to have fun, reduce stress, and interact in an enjoyable, engaging way. I was particularly pleased to see our hardworking Executive Board and Conference Planning Committee members smiling and relaxing at the end of the day!”

Catherine Tingelstad, NCLA Conference Committee

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