Wellness in the Workplace

High-performing, happy teams are every manager’s aspiration, but in today’s constantly changing corporate environment, that’s much easier said than done. Many teams are comprised of people from different generations, backgrounds, and geographies, and common ground is not always obvious. We create shared in-person and virtual experiences that bring diverse teams together, improving overall well-being and driving business results in the process.

Wellness Programming

Wellness is a whole lot more than biometric screening, chair massages, and 5Ks. Our team building sessions bring groups together for an interactive, playful wellness experience that teaches strategies to reframe stress and practice active mindfulness.

Wellness Ambassador Training

Make wellness part of your corporate culture by appointing ambassadors and enabling them with tools and strategies to engage colleagues in conversations, challenges, and practices to encourage mindfulness and well-being. Our F.L.O.P. framework provides concrete strategies that help individuals thrive in the messiness of learning, growth, and change.

Tools with Lasting Impact

Increase the impact of your wellness week programming and wellness ambassador training by integrating Flop Balls into your company culture. Flop Balls provide a fun, accessible, and tangible experience to observe and reflect on how individuals approach personal and professional growth. Flop Balls can be customized with your logo or wellness-themed messaging and packaged for wellness ambassadors to use in the field or leaders to use with their teams. Pro tip: leaving them in common areas such as break rooms or cafeterias facilitates informal interactions and breaks down silos

Case Study: Flop Balls and OPEX Reduction in Teams

Akamai Technologies, Inc. needed to build a higher level of trust and collaboration between two remote teams. The teams didn’t always have specific work‐related skills in common, so skill toys provided a common learning path that they could share. Working together to complete Flop Ball challenges, the teams found a common language and a new level of inclusivity and connection. These improved social networks had a tangible business impact as well. Because they were more comfortable interacting with colleagues and asking questions, Akamai technical writers saved an average of two hours per week, or over $4,000 annually in OPEX reduction.  

Download the case study here.

“Dawn and Paul from Flow Circus clearly have a passion for what they do that shines through in how they lead their sessions. They have a way of taking complex challenges that can present themselves in the workplace and breaking them down into simple, clear lessons that invite people to think differently about how they show up in work and life – all while having fun!
This training left people renewed, inspired and wanting to learn more.”

Noelle Ybarra, Wellness Specialist, RTI International

“Once again Flow Circus comes through for our annual company meeting! Our firm enjoyed working with the Flow Circus team on an afternoon of team-building activities that kept our employees laughing, determined and engaged. The span of activities enabled our most seasoned employees as well as our new career employees to participate in a meaningful way. Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves at Flow Circus.”

Chan Bryant, Senior Vice President, WithersRavenel, Inc.

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