Health Promotion

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"Flow Circus has become an innovative wellness experience that helps us facilitate mindfulness while incorporating wellness promotion messaging. During tabling and workshops, the uniqueness of the skill toys keeps students engaged and offers a quick break from their busy schedules. Through Flow Circus, we are able to reinforce the importance of taking time for self care while decreasing stress and anxiety."

Justin Sharpe, Student Development Coordinator, DuWell, Duke University

Recent Testimonials

“Paul and Dawn were truly amazing and helpful. They encouraged everyone to keep trying and laugh even when we messed up. They were hands on and attentive. I don't think they could improve their event because it felt absolutely perfect.”
“Super fun! One of the best trainings I have attended because you showed rather than told. And we got to play, too!”
“Excellent job of engaging the audience. Even the most solemn and serious individuals were laughing and smiling.”
“Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication helped make this event an overwhelming success, as measured through the evaluations.”