Build engagement and connection through experiential programming and play.

It's been a challenging few years and the impact on event planning has been huge. Creating space where attendees want to show up and get involved is more important than ever. We can help.

By integrating kinetic play into our programming, we:

  • Energize audiences: Conference fatigue is real. Standing up, moving, and laughing - even for a few minutes can make a big difference.
  • Build community: Look up, reach out, and connect with each other as you flip, balance, and toss Flop Balls on the backs of their hands.
  • Create lasting impact:  Leave with a fun, new brain & body break. And every time it’s happily flipped, the event logo flashes before your eyes.
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High Point University Logo - Quote from Dr. Qubein, President High Point University.
“Extraordinary performers who know how to engage an audience and create valuable learning experiences. Outstanding.”

Dr. Qubein, President High Point University, High Point NC

Paul and volunteer on stage learning to juggle.

Let us customize your event with:

  • Well-being Break Outs:  Engage in playful exercises to embody important lessons about self-awareness, mindset, and creating connections.
  • Kinetic Play Stations: Reinvigorate minds, bodies, and connections. We bring a table full of Flop Balls to engage, energize, and create informal networking opportunities.
  • Interactive Keynote: Whether you're looking to shift mindsets or reinforce four dimensions of well-being through play, audiences apply and practice strategies for thriving in an uncertain world.
  • Energizers: Short bursts of intentional play early in the morning, between speakers, or after lunch activates your group and primes them for what’s next. 
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Custom Flop Balls

Choose your colors and add your graphic to keep your event, university, or message top-of-mind and back-of-hand. Start your order here.

Spring 2023 Pricing

100-249 Flop Balls......$3.50 ea.
250-499 Flop Balls......$3.25 ea.
500-999 Flop Balls......$3.15 ea.
1000+ Flop Balls.........$3.10 ea.
+ shipping ($20/150 FlopBalls)

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