Team Building

Step into center ring and be the main attraction. Sounds scary, right? Out of your comfort zone? That’s exactly what it’s meant to be. We create a unique play experience for your team that breaks down barriers and puts people on common ground. Reflecting on process and applying skills learned in partner and group challenges yields both personal growth and team connectedness. Experience the thrill of success.

Juggling Teambuilding

Juggling Workshop

Theme: Redefining Stress
Broken down into simple, easy to learn steps, this workshop takes the stress out of learning a new skill–even for those that think they "can't juggle." Gain a fresh perspective on approaching risk, reacting to failure, and celebrating success.
Skill Toy Teambuilding

Skill Toy Workshop

Theme: Well-being
Step away from the computer, cell phone, and other devices that typically demand attention and create obstacles blocking individual focus and team connections. Imagine your group tossing, spinning, and balancing objects to replenish energy and strengthen relationships.

Balloon Twisting Teambuilding

Balloon Workshop

Theme: Creativity and Innovation
Looking to ignite more creativity and out-of-the-box thinking for yourself and your team? Colorful balloon twisting challenges recharge your inner child while identifying and reinforcing essential elements for creating high-performing teams.

Watch Us In Action

Client Spotlights

Client: Health Services Provider
Challenge: A small company entering a growth phase that included infrastructure changes. The CEO planned a three-day retreat to get everyone on the same page. The challenge was helping people from different departments start to see themselves as part of the larger team while encouraging a more playful, youthful atmosphere at work.
Strategy: Half-day skill toy team-building workshop with focus on well-being and the importance of play breaks. Starter kit of skill toys to stay in common area of office.

  • "High-energy and motivational, professional, excellent at teaching and entertaining. I firmly believe that stepping back and rebooting a bit can help reduce stress and give a fresh perspective." -Chief Analytics Engineer
  • "Best team building event I have ever participated in." -Data Warehouse Engineer
  • "Skilled, fun, expert, was exceptional. Chance to do something fun and learn at the same time." -CEO

Client: USO-NC
Challenge: Participate in a 3-day retreat designed to build resilience in active troops and create opportunity for connection with spouse.
Strategy: Half-day juggling workshop with focus on resilience, stress, and well-being.

  • "The juggling and humor aspect of this program was amazing. The instructors were so fun and entertaining. Engaging in these activities helped me to learn how to deal with overcoming obstacles and having the right approach towards resolving conflict." - Participant

Client: Public University ~ Southeastern U.S.
Challenge: Mid-year training for 150 RA's to address challenges with self-directed learning, resilience, and leadership.
Strategy: Half-day training that included an opening keynote for the whole group followed by 3 juggling workshops for 50 students at a time. Housing staff ran 2 consecutive sessions that students rotated through along with ours.

  • "I've heard all good feedback from our staff which is hard to do." Associate Director of Campus Living
  • “I loved learning a new skill in a short amount of time and seeing my team work with each other to succeed.” Student
  • "Learning step by step made this really encouraging. I feel like I am able to conquer this semester!" Student
  • "This workshop was awesome! It was engaging and fun to learn something new and had a lot of applicable lessons." Student

Client: Private University ~ Metro D.C. area
Challenge: Mid-year retreat for Living Learning Community based on theme of well-being
Strategy: Half-day skill toy workshop to reconnect students at the beginning of 2nd semester with emphasis on the importance of play to whole person well-being

  • “For the first time since the semester started, I felt truly present in the moment and I realized I haven't allowed myself a break since classes began. This event brought forth a new way for me to enhance my well being that isn't restrictive or difficult.” Student
  • “Wellness is not just about eating well, succeeding, and sleeping enough. It is also about the moments within each day that you can laugh and enjoy the moment without being distracted or taking things too seriously.” Student
  • “I have a greater appreciation for incorporating play in my life as a means of relaxing and de-stressing.” Student
  • “It was super fun. You guys rock!” Student

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