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Flow Circus offers a range of professional development/inservice programs for school, library, afterschool, camp and corporate staff. Programs and workshops use juggling, skill toys, or balloon sculpting to actively engage participants. Past clients include educational institutions, civic organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.


Twisted Fun: Barriers are immediately broken down when balloons come out. This playful workshop introduces basic balloon twisting skills. Participants then face balloon twisting challenges that reinforce positive team work and creative thinking.


Juggling Leadership Skills: Identify the qualities of strong leadership through the process of learning to juggle. Whether leading a classroom of students, managing a staff, or advocating for a professional organization, participants will be able to apply these characteristics to their roles as leader and team player.


Playful Reactions: When we are faced with learning a new skill, we all react to the challenge in different ways. Through the process of playing with skill toys from around the world, participants will think about various reactions they may face from clients, staff, or children. Focus will be on how to best motivate ourselves and others to address obstacles to success.








Flow Circus offers sessions for professional organizations serving tweens and teens. Add a playful atmosphere to your next regional meeting or national conference. In addition to workshops, Flow Circus can provide evening entertainment and informal play stations to engage attendees and encourage positive interaction.


Past sessions have included:


Fundama: A DIY Skill Toy Program: Looking for a fun rainy day activity? Need creative competitions to engage your tweens and teens? This session will introduce you to cheap and easy-to-make skill based challenges that kids can design, make, and master. All you need on hand are paper cups, string, masking tape, and dowels. Fundama was created by Paul Miller and Dawn Daria of Flow Circus in order to bring skill based play to more programs. Come learn about basic designs for your younger kids, more complex Fundama like the Six and Ladder for your tweens/teens, and even invent your own personal Fundama to wow colleagues.


Teens: Unplugged & Active:Whether you are trying to attract and maintain teen attendance or you have a large, energetic group that overwhelms staff, skill toys can provide a unique programming solution to get your teens moving in a novel way. Skill toys such as the Japanese kendama, diabolo, and flower sticks have rich histories dating back thousands of years and spanning many cultures. Simple in design, yet they provide hours of challenge because there are always more tricks to be mastered. This hands-on session offered by Paul Miller and Dawn Daria of Flow Circus will introduce you to five different skill toys that get teens moving, resources for starting a Skill Toy Club, and DIY skill toys that can be made on a shoe-string budget.


Juggling: Throwing Up and Creating Buzz: Learning to juggle is like learning to ride a bike. You never forget the first “ah-ha” moment when it all finally clicks. Create lasting memories by starting a juggling club for tweens and teens at your program. Teens go home with new skills they can’t wait to show off to family and friends. When people ask where they learned to juggle, the answer will be the name of your organization. During this session Paul Miller and Dawn Daria of Flow Circus will provide juggling instruction, creative ideas for starting and running a juggling club at your program, and resources for DIY juggling balls and clubs that teens can make to take home.


Their playful way and practical use of materials made this program great fun for me. I felt that I could not only do the projects and tie them to program themes but that I would be able to adjust the creations to fit varied ages. It got me excited about holding programs that would use these tools to make and play with the toys. And their generosity and warmth made the program even better.


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Celebrating your staff, a company milestone, or a particular time of year? Stage performances are professional, 100% clean, and can be customized to your event's theme. Add a performance to your banquet or conference and know that everyone will have a great time! Flow Circus is also able to provide strolling magic and hands-on play stations to entertain and engage before, between, and after scheduled sessions and events.







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No one on my team had any pre-existing experience whatsoever with the exercises. Then it hit me, if we could be successful at a task that none of us had skills performing - just imagine how successful we could be if we applied what we learned within a workplace where we DO have the skills and experience.

D. Ross Yeager, Director

Wake County Northern Regional Center, Wake Forest, NC


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staff development reference

Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

Yorktown, VA


Mauney Memorial Library

Kings Mountain, NC


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